About Us

Our goal is to provide customers with information and enable them to make an educated decision when choosing a compound bow. By having technical data as well as comprehensive reviews of various compound bows in one place we hope it would be easier for you to choose a perfect device for you. More advanced bowhunters/archers will most likely be interested in a table where we listed technical specification of modern compounds. Those of you who are just starting their journey into the world of bow hunting should read our Compound Bow Guide where we explain the meaning of given attributes. At he end of this guide you will find our recommendations for newbies.

The reviews on this site are provided by experienced bowhunters with significant knowledge in this field. In our evaluations we tried to be as impartial as possible. We do not favor any particular brand however there are some models that are just exceptional (not only according to us but generally considered to be so). In this case we have not refrain to recommend such bow to you.