bow maintenance

How to wax a bowstring

Waxing your bowstring is one of the most important maintenance tasks ahead of any compound bow owner wanting to keep his/hers equipment in good shape. It’s really easy to do and with the few simple tips below you’ll be able to do it yourself. Waxing should be done frequently to extend the lifespan of the string. Some people do it every time after an outdoor session. A general rule of thumb is to wax the bowstring once every two weeks or whenever you see hairs on the string indicating separation of the fibers.

Before waxing you should clean the bowstring to remove dirt and prevent it from penetration inside the string with the wax. You can do this by applying a string cleaner onto the string and letting it do its job for about 5 minutes. Afterwards you wipe it off with a clean, soft cloth.

Once the bowstring if free from dust and dirt you can apply a bowstring wax. DO NOT USE CANDLE WAX or BEESWAX! Only a special, silicone based can be used for this. It does not have to be a high dollar wax, you will get one for $5-$15 (very popular are Allen’s Wax and Scorpion Venom).

Apply wax only on the naked string, not on the cables and serving areas of the string. Use your fingers to rub the wax into the string. It has to penetrate inside the bowstring.
See a video demonstration of bowstring waxing below:


  • Waxing the bowstring extend the lifespan of the string and prevents damage of the bow caused by string snapping;
  • Never use candle wax on the bowstring as instead of protecting it, the chemicals from candle wax may digest the fibers of the bowstring;
  • Do not wax the serving area of the string as it is not needed and will cause dirt buildup on the cams.