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We do not only eat cookies but also use them on this site. They’re slightly different cookies, in fact we gather information about our visitors (such as the time you spend on our site, how many pages you visited and what did you click, etc). We do not however have any access or intend to gain access to your personal information.

The information that we gather on our users we use to analyze how the website is accessed and used (for example how users got here and which pages were visited). NothingĀ ominous.

Our servers will also most likely record your IP address (again nothing that we intend to link to you as a physical person).

By staying on our website and continuing to use is you agree to this conditions.

In some countries possession of compound bows is not permitted by law or/and restricted to people above certain age. Please check this before you decide to buy one as we do not take any responsibility for any breach of law caused by you owning a bow.

Our email policy

If you want us to be able to answer your query, question, comment or contact you with any other matter we need to ask you to provide us with your email address when you fill up the form on our contact page. This email address will be used only to respond to you. We will not use it for any other purpose as well as we do not give access to your email address to other companies, organizations and people. In short – your email address is safe with us, will not be used to anything else than to respond to you.

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