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When it comes to choosing a perfect bow one needs to consider several factors that will determine how the bow performs in a given situation. Therefore you should first decide if the bow is going to be primarily used for bow-hunting or shooting archery targets. You need to also take under consideration your dimensions and strength. Below you will find a list of most important parameters of compound bows along with their in-depth description and suggested values for a given application and level of expertise. This will help you to make an educated choice of a compound bow that suits your needs and physique. You may also find it helpful to glance at the most popular compound bows reviewed below.

Draw weight

Draw weight of a compound bow is the maximal power you need to pull the string when drawing the bow. The application of the cam/cams causes that that the most pulling power is needed halfway from the fully drawn position and decreases significantly once the bow is fully drawn. In order to be able to comfortably shoot an arrow several times in the row you need to pick a right draw weight for your strength. Unless you are unusually strong or weak person you should choose it according to the table below.

ImageBow ModelIBO speeddraw weightdraw lengthbrace heighteccentricsfinish
image of the Stinger 3g Compound bow by PSEPSE Stinger 3G314 fps50, 60, 70 lbs25.5" - 30.5"7.75"HP cam with posi-lock inner camMossy Oak Break-Up Infinty, Skullworks Camo
image of Motive 6 compound bow by Bear ArcheryBear Motive 6350 fps50, 60, 70 lbs25.5" - 30"6"H13 camRealtree APG, Realtree APS, Shadow, Red/Black, Green/Black
image of a compound bow by MathewsMathews Creed328 fps50, 60, 70 lbs26" - 30"7"SimPlex CamBlack, Lost Camo, Tactical
image of PSE ProphecyPSE Prophecy340 fps50, 60, 70 lbs25" - 30"6"AMP camMossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Skullworks, Black Camo and Black.
image of a compound bow by Bowtech ArcheryBowtech Experience335 fps50, 60, 70 lbs26.5" - 31"7"OverDrive Binary CamsMossy Oak Infinity, BlackOps
image of a Hoyt Charger compound bowHoyt Charger325 fps30 - 80 lbs27" - 30"6.75"Hybrid Charger Cam & ½RealTree Xtra, RealTree MAX-1, Black Out, HALF AND HALF, Bone Collector, VICXEN, RealTree Snow, RealTree Pink
image of Monster Chill R compound bow by MathewsMathews Monster Chill R342 fps50, 60, 70 lbs23" - 30"6.125"AVS DYAD camsBlack; Black tactical; Blue Ice; Lost Camo; Desert Tactical.